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Thursday, September 29, 2005

MODULE Three: Searching the Internet and Backing up

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2. Grade: 4

3. Activity: Students complete a Know, Wonder and Learned (KWL) chart on "World War II and Jewish people" by sharing their ideas orally while the teacher records the student's ideas on chart paper. Students will copy the chart into their notebooks. The teacher will prompt students to orate the following ideas: Europe, Germany, Adolf Hitler, hatred of Jews, prison camps, hiding, 1940. The teacher then introduces the novel study by Lois Lowry, entitled: Number the Stars, and gives a brief summary of the novel. Students will then work in pairs and choose one idea or question from their KWL charts and use the Internet to find information on their selected topic. Students must go to at least one website provided by the teacher. Students may link to other sites or search for other sites related to their selected topic. Students will record 3 facts from websites that are relevant to their selected topic. Students will record these 3 facts in their notebooks, record the site URL, and then present this information to the class.

4. General Learning Outcome 1: Students will listen, speak, read, write, view and represent to explore thoughts, ideas, feelings and experiences.

5. Specific Learning Outcome 1.2: Extend Understanding: Students will explore ways to find additional ideas and information to extend understanding.

6. Relevant ICT Outcomes, Division 2:
C.1- Students will access, use and communicate information from a variety of technologies.
Specific Outcomes:
2.1 Students will access and retrieve appropriate information from the Internet by using a specific search path or from given uniform resource locations (URLs).
2.2 Students will organize information gathered from the Internet, or an electronic source, by selecting and recording the data in logical files or categories; and by communicating effectively, through appropriate forms, such as speeches, reports and multimedia presentations, applying information technologies that serve particular audiences and purposes.

7. Rationale: For this activity, integrating computer technology is good because students will be able to search for answers to their own ideas and questions in a time efficient manner. Searching websites can offer information that is readable for Gr. 4 students and allows them to follow their inquisitive minds in choosing to view relevant links. Web-based searching is inclusive: it allows students who differ in performance levels to participate in this activity at a level equal with their fluency.