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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Hello, my name is Josh Krikke and I am pleased to meet you on this my first Blog. Just before I wrote this I was laying down on the bank of a Coulee amidst some leafless prairie shrub. I saw the sun drop behind some low-hanging clouds and looking across the green lines of Coulee crests I sure was glad to be alive. Me-now, here in Lethbridge, AB for a two-year stint getting my Education Degree.
I am excited to be on this stage of my journey, a journey that started with my upbringing in Rural-Ontario and led towards me obtaining a B.A in English at The King's University College in Edmonton, AB. Then, I had a life-changing experience teaching English at Global English School in Nonthaburi, Thailand. It seems strange that little over four months ago the beautiful landscape I'd come to love, the palm trees and white sand beaches, have been replaced by Southern Alberta grasslands. This is me-now, here in Lethbridge and as my journey continues I recall the lyrics of singer/songwriter Bruce Cockburn, who says: "Even the best map will not guide you/For you can't see around the bend."
I couldn't see around the bend when I started my Ed Degree just last week and here I am writing a blog. Publishing a blog is huge for a non-computer type like myself. I enjoyed reading the website required for Ed 3508 for as the author on$24 says: "...we need to make (students) connect what they do for fun with writing and reading and learning. Weblogs can do that." I thought that was a great quote encapsulating how students today have grown up using the Internet for fun. Students like to join chat rooms, use Messenger, and surf the net and they can do it skillfully. However, students fail to link these skills with literacy. Blogging is one way to incorporate what students love into their education.
The greatest thing about the Web is it "enables individual participation in the marketplace of ideas" (, and this is truly the place of the teacher: to facilitate student wonderings. Am I limiting student generated ideas and wonderings by my ignorance of all things Web related? It's a good question for any future educator. I think if I could incorporate Weblogs into my curriculum it would motivate non-participators in the classroom and provide a forum for collaboration and discussion. Blogs can initiate reader-response within a classroom and, in a larger sense, in the global community. Published Blogs would be something students could own on the World Wide Web. I think students would get excited about blogging and without even recognizing it, participate in literacy.
While volunteering in a grade 2 class this summer I seem to remember the students going crazy when it was their time in the computer lab. Fights ceased and recess was forgotten for those precious minutes playing online word games and math games. I see now how students are excited to operate computers. I also see how it is part of my responsibility as a future teacher to incorporate computer technology into learning. Learning ought to be fun and perhaps blogging could be a fun-factor in my future English classes.


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At September 16, 2005, Blogger wickedlittlebee said...

Technology is so exciting for children. Remember how we used to rush to the Commodore 64's at recess so that we could load up Frogger? I see how our 16 month old son already knows how to click on a mouse, and I can't help but think that this is going to be interesting, teaching him how to use the gift of technology in a way that is appropriate and healthy. "Everything in Moderation" as the old saying goes.


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